Head-O-Matic Tank-ette System


Instantly solves all boat head odors from the input line, head odors from the toilet bowl and head odors from the holding tank.

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Easily installs anywhere in the raw water intake of most manufacturer's marine head systems. This patented system is the only adjustable treatment system that treats the intake line where the majority of the head odors originate. It also treats head odors from the bowl, output line and the holding tank with every flush. Testimonials summed up in one word: "Wonderful!!"
Includes one chem puck (1 month supply), Installation kit and hose fittings.

Don't be fooled by cheap inferior look-alikes. Choose the only inline adjustable treatment system easily recognized by its adjustable rotating feet. It has a 100% money back guarantee for one year. Return accepted, if you are not happy with it.,
Tank-ette Price is  only $69.95. add $8.00 S/H.     NOTE:  Free Shipping....See Note below !.

NOTE: BUY 1 Five Pack of Head-O-Matic treatment pucks (37.46) with Tankette order and get FREE SHIPPING - (continental U.S.A. only)

Send $107.41  for 1 tankette and 1 five pack to F.C.P. Products 63 Highland Ave. Newport VT. 05855- (continental U.S.A. only)

Check out the New H-O-M

Head-O-Matic Tank-ette "Treatment Puck". When no more blue color shows in the head's bowl, simply "pop" another "Puck" into the tank-ette. Instantly controls odors caused by H2S and other odor causing elements, Breaks down waste, lubricates pumping mechanism, retards calcuim buildup in the output hose and keeps the holding tank fresh.
"Really works!" NOTE: Pucks are wrapped with a soluble skin, SO NO MESSY RE-FILL !
Our Treatment Puck have no chlorine type product in it and fit all in line dispensers like West Marines Earthsafe Treatment Pucks, Marflush etc.
NOTE: Chlorine type products can damage the "O" rings in your head system.
Two pack of Treatment Pucks - Price is $15.95 (6 to 8 week supply). Please add $4.50 s/h
six Pack of Treatment Pucks - Price of $44.95 (5 to 6 Month supply). Please add $8.00 s/h

NOTE: BUY 2 six Packs and get FREE SHIPPING - (continental U.S.A. only)

Send $89.90 for 2 six pack to F.C.P. Products 63 Highland Ave. Newport VT. 05855 - (continental U.S.A. only)

Head-O Matic Shock Treat   Use twice a season, spring and fall to descale and whistle clean walls and ceilings of black waste and grey water holding tanks

 Also for use midseason if malodour conditions are present. Pour one bottle into the toilet and flush. 900 ml

"Really works!"

Send 27.98 for a bottle of 900ml shock Treat to F.C.P. Products, 63 Highland Ave, Newport VT. 05855 (continental U.S.A. only)  add $8.00 for S/H

NOTE: BUY 2 bottles and get FREE SHIPPING - (continental U.S.A. only)

Send $55.96 for 2 Shock Treat Bottles to F.C.P. Products 63 Highland Ave. Newport VT. 05855 - (continental U.S.A. only)


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